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Cornflower gold color triangle necklace Mother's Day gift for her

Cornflower gold color triangle necklace Mother's Day gift for her

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Cornflower gold colored triangle necklace Mother's Day gift for her. Length: 18 inches (45 cm). This collar can be adjustable. If you want to make sure this necklace works well, you can send me the price length you want. The cornflower symbolizes shyness and delicacy, it carries, in the language of flowers, a gentle, reserved and touching message to the person you love. Cornflower expresses emotions such as: maternal love, shyness, courtesy and/or shy love. It can be offered on the occasion of Mother's Day and/or to declare love. But it is also a mark of shyness, which we express during a first love (the light of a new impulse of the heart), a way of saying: "I do not dare declare myself" or of affirm the purity of one’s intentions. The blueberry bouquet translates as: "My love is remembered in silence, my shyness prevents me from revealing it". You can find more products in my shop: The product is sent after 1-2 business days. Delivery delay: 1 week in France. 1-2 weeks to Europe. 2 weeks in the USA and Canada. 2 to 3 weeks for the rest of the world. Listed items with sales growth: 1 item = free delivery 2 items = free shipping + 10% off 3 items = Free shipping + 15% off 4 items = Free shipping + 20% off 5 items = Free shipping + 25% off 6 items = Free shipping + 30% off Thanks for visiting my store, hope to see you soon! The Valentine's Day flaw for her.


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