Lorred: L’histoire d’un Nom qui Révèle Bien des Secrets

Lorred : L'histoire d'un Nom qui Révèle Bien des Secrets

Hi all,

Today, I'm going to tell you a special story, that of choosing the name of our company: Lorred. Since 2019, Lorred has strived to create unique handcrafted jewelry, encapsulating natural flowers in bio-based epoxy resin. You're probably wondering why "Lorred" and not yet another "Atelier de Marie" or a flower name, right? Let me explain.

Why ?

When I founded Lorred, I wanted a name that was short, simple, and sounded good. Not easy, is it? We had to avoid clichés while remaining faithful to our core business. And then “Lorred” appeared, a name that I thought was unique and which, to my ear, evoked “gold”, a noble material used for centuries in jewelry.

The Surprising Discovery

For a long time, I was convinced that I had invented this name. But your incessant questions, dear customers, pushed me to dig a little deeper. What was my surprise to discover that “Lorred” exists in English and means… “laureate”, surrounded by laurels. Amazing, right?

Laurels are symbols of triumph and wisdom. It just goes to show that chance does things well. The name Lorred ultimately reflects much more than I had imagined. It brings us back to nature, to the values ​​of victory and reflection, aspects that we cherish in our daily work.

A Symbol of Triumph and Wisdom

So, there you have it, dear friends and customers, the truth about Lorred: it’s a name steeped in symbolism. Surrounded by laurels, our brand aims to be a symbol of triumph in our quest for beauty and sustainability. We hope that this name, rich in meaning, will carry Lorred towards a bright and wise future.

We will continue to create jewelry that embodies this philosophy, combining craftsmanship, nature and sustainable innovation. Your support and questions push us to constantly grow and improve.

Thank you for being part of this great adventure and stay curious. Who knows, maybe we'll discover even more secrets about Lorred?

See you soon,

The Lorred team

So much for the fascinating story behind our company name. Hoping that you enjoyed this little anecdote and gave you a glimpse into Lorred's soul.

See you soon for new floral and craft adventures!

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