Lorred les bijoux fleurs pressées de France - Lorred

Lorred pressed flower jewelry from France

Lorred is a small Bordeaux company which was founded on May 7, 2019. Created by Nadéjda, Lorred is today inseparable from the couple of Nadéjda and her husband Gaëtan.

Lorred jewelry is not just jewelry and accessories... it is unique creations of nature. This is why we have set ourselves the goal of making these creations eternal using the technique of insertion into epoxy resin.

Lorred creations are perfect gifts for all occasions: birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas... Giving Lorred jewelry means offering a delicate intention full of romanticism and purity. All Lorred creations are perfectly customizable in terms of choice of flowers, colors and jewelry shapes.

“Handmade” jewelry:

In Lorred's mind, "handmade" is not just about imagining and putting together a piece of jewelry. Lorred’s “handmade” is broken down into several stages.
First of all, we grow most of our flowers ourselves. Because a beautiful inclusion requires having top-notch flowers. And it is by taking care of our flowers and giving them our love that we offer the best to our customers.
Then we pick and dry our flowers ourselves in the same apartment where we live. This also explains why our jewelry is often made to order (for online purchases). And that we often only offer unique creations for the markets.
And only then do we create our jewelry in the small workshop in our apartment.

“Made in France” jewelry:

Lorred makes sure to choose these flowers wisely in her jewelry. Most of the flowers and plants used in our creations come from the Nouvelle Aquitaine region.
Many plants are picked directly from the wild to create very limited collections, available only for direct sale at designer markets and night markets.
Currently, Lorred offers collections of forget-me-not, heather and lobelia jewelry directly grown on our balcony. You can find our creations on our website: www.lorred.fr but also in our Etsy store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/LorredJewelry?ref=seller-platform-mcnav
During peak periods, for reasons of quality of the final product, we seek to source mainly from France and Europe in general.

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